PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System

The PRO-TECT* Fastener Protection System design allows for a sleeve to protect the screw down to the masonry, giving rigidity to the aluminum around the fastener, and reducing the risk of over torque which can creating a gully in the aluminum where water will collect. The nylon sleeve encases the fastener and protects from salt air and water intrusion. With the added protection of the color matched  nylon cap, water and salt is repelled away from the fastener head. The one piece shaft and washer system also solves the problem of electrolysis or aluminum deterioration caused by different metals touching as they are completely isolated. This allows a more cost effective, stronger carbon steel BLUE-TAP  to be used, instead of softer stainless steel, adding more strength and stability to the structure.


  • Adds Exceptional Holding Power to Masonry Anchors

  • Easy Installation

  • Fast Installation

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Withstands Extreme Weather Conditions

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Unique Batch Number

  • Additional protection from rust and corrosion

  • Developed for Harsh Environments

  • Available in White or Bronze

  • UV Stabilized Color to resist fading

PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System gives protection from electrolysis, providing worry-free installation while extending the life of the product. This is very important for the harsh conditions of the coastal environments and extreme temperatures. The PRO-TECT Cap, due to its special design, will not come off easily. By repelling water and preventing penetration, PRO-TECT reduces or eliminates the need for warranty work, increasing life expectancy of the structures.

PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System is designed especially for the demanding South Florida and  Tropical environments. South Florida construction presents unique demands, with corrosive salt air, hurricane force winds and temperature Extremes.

Engineered for Florida rooms, screen enclosures, patio rooms and pool enclosures, the PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System includes a clear nylon sleeve, washer and cap. The PRO-TECT System is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with the frame structure. The color-stable cap will not fade under intense sun exposure. The sleeve, washer and cap work together with the screw to prevent water and the corrosive minerals suspended in it from entering the fasteners, destroying the integrity of the structure.