Neuma Doors Impact Series meet hurricane and Impact Code requirements. Providing an incredible defense from environmental extremes and forced entry.

Security & Safety

Vinyl interlayer holds broken glass together maintaining a strong barrier.

Impact resistant Neuma Doors represent a quantum leap in protecting property and people during hurricanes and violent storms. In terms of safety, value, quality and product performance, Neuma Doors give architects, designers, builders and homeowners a new and clearly superior choice when choosing protection and security.

Neuma Impact Rated Doors combine 100% composite jambs, heavy-duty fiberglass door panels and impact-resistant 1” insulated laminated glass to provide you with superior defense and reassurance in windstorm and hurricane locations.

Texas Deptartment of Insurance and Florida Building Code 2004 certified in both impact and non impact fiberglass doors.

Neuma Doors’ have also passed the following tests:

  • Miami Dade County N.O.A. 06-0411.04 Expiration Date: Aug.17, 2011
  • Miami Dade County N.O.A. 06-0411.05 Expiration Date: Aug.31, 2011
  • Miami Dade County N.O.A. 05-0921.10 Expiration Date: Aug.03, 2011
  • Miami Dade County N.O.A. 08-0416.04 Expiration Date: Sep.18, 2013

Neuma Doors is leading the door industry offering you the best protection from wind-borne debris. Allowing you to enjoy the coastal views and reducing the catastrophic losses experienced with extreme weather.

No need to compromise looks when it comes to safety, security and protection for your home. Neuma Hurricane Impact Doors will give your home year round protection without the need for expensive roll-down or accordion style shutters.

Glazing that can be repaired after the storm, without replacing the door unit. Some of our competition can not repair the glass, leaving the home owner no choice but to buy a completely new door and the added labor cost involved. Neuma Doors is one of the few in the industry to offer 1” Insulated glass standard in our Hurricane Impact series.

Hurricane Impact Series

One of the major causes of damage in any major storm is the wind and the debris carried with these high winds. Everything becomes a high-velocity missile when it is picked up and hurled towards your home during violent weather. Neuma’s Hurricane Impact door systems help to prevent such dangerous objects from entering your home and providing an opening to water, high winds and even more debris.

Neuma’s Hurricane and Impact Rated Patio Doors represent a quantum leap in protecting property and people during hurricanes and violent storms. Neuma Doors provide architects, designers, builders and homeowners a superior choice in terms of safety, value, quality and product performance.

Our high-impact fiberglass panels stand up to the harshest treatment, and are more resistant to denting than traditional metal doors. If the glass is broken, our standard 1” Insulated Laminated Impact glass maintains its integrity thanks to the vinyl interlayer which remains in the door frame. Unlike most of our competitors, Neuma offers our 1” Insulated Laminated Impact glass standard in our Hurricane Impact Series.

Another unique feature to a Neuma door is the removable glazing that allows the glass to be replaced if it is broken. Most of the other impact rated doors on the market would have to have the entire door unit replaced if the glass was damaged.

With a wide variety of door styles, design options and configurations - Neuma Doors are an affordable option to expensive roll-down or accordian style shutters.


If a home has been breached through a broken door or window, wind can then enter. This causes an increase in pressure that can lift the roof and push the walls outward.




Our Hurricane Impact Series help preserve the house’s envelope to minimize the damage from the storm’s elements.





Wind Zone Map

Areas subject to hurricane-force winds. Wind-borne Debris Regions as determined by the International Building Code.

Neuma Doors impact glider & inswing hinged fiberglass doors can withstand windstorm of over 145mph, and our impact outswing
hinged door can withstand as high as 170mph.
( AAMA / NWWDA 101 / I.S. 2-97 )

Wind Zone Map

Design Features



The Neuma Classic line of doors are not available in Impact Rated units.

Blinds Between the Glass is only available on the 5’w x 6’8”h and 6’w x 6’8”h door units.





Hardware & Glazing

  • Your choice of either Satin Nickel or Dark Brown..
  • Sills and Hinges coordinate with the door’s handle set color.
  • Stainless steel hinges to resist corrosion.
  • One-point lock system with stainless steel plate to resist corrosion.
  • Top and bottom flush bolts.


Your choice of either Satin Nickel or Dark Brown Finish.


Ready to be Finished Wood

Smooth White Finish


Each door unit comes standard with:
  • Full Composite Frames and Door Panels to resist the elements and regular usage.
  • 4-9/16” * jambs which meet standard construction requirements.
  • Energy Efficient LoE² 272 Glass.
  • Interlock Weather-stripping to provide a tight and continuous seal.
  • Jambs include screen channels. Sliding screens are available by special order.
  • Interior wood grain finish can be painted or stained.
  • Energy Star rated for all 50 States.

    Product Warranty

    This warranty is for the original purchaser, and is non-transferable. Nan Ya Plastics Corp. warrants the Neuma Patio Door system to be free of defects in materials and workmanship from the date of original installation when it has been properly installed in compliance with Nan Ya Installation Instruction. The following exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranties apply in place of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

    Door components:

    including jambs, mullions, astragals, brickmould, transom, and door panels; excluding glass components and hardware components, for LIFETIME of original purchaser. Corporation customers are limited to a TWENTY (20) YEARS warranty.

    Retractible Screens:

    0NE (1) YEAR limited warranty for normal use of screen and ironware. Details are available on our website at This warranty does not include, nor does it cover Neuma's conventional screens.


    Neuma does not warranty the finish of a patio door system that has a pre-finished on the interior and exterior door panels.

    Glass components:

    factory installed glass components to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, including seal failure, a period of TWENTY (20) YEARS for insulated glass, TEN (10) YEARS for special laminated glass.

    Conforming to specifications set forth in Federal Specification C 1036-85.

    Door hardware components:

    all factory installed door hardware components of your Neuma Door are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TEN (10) YEARS. The warranty excludes discoloration of the hardware finish, improper installation. Warranty does not apply to retractable screen(s).


    The terms of this warranty exclude failures which are the result of or involve;

    • Accident, abuse or improper use.
    • Damage due to freight carriers, common carriers, private transportation or any other means of transportation or handling, following arrival at the port of destination.
    • Misapplication, faulty building construction or design, including but not limited to installation or use in areas or high vibration.
    • Exposure of the Neuma Door or its systems (before installation of the door) to the elements, improper or insufficient handling storage, installation, maintenance or service.
    • Fire, corrosive fumes, acts of God, and /or any events or actions beyond the control of Nan Ya Plastics Corp.
    • All components, parts, glass and labor supplied by parties other than Nan Ya Plastics Corp., or its agents.
    • All doors repaired or replaced without prior Nan Ya Plastics Corp. expressed written approval.

    * This is a general overview or our warranty for details please see the warranty sheet included with your door.