Horizontal Slider Acrylic  Windbreaks

Window Craftsmen is Florida's leading manufacturer of windbreak systems for lanais, balconies, and other screen enclosures. The two-, three-, and four-track main frames are the same ones used for glass sliding windows; frame flanges can be mounted to face either inside or outside the room. The vents are glazed in rigid acrylic.

  The acrylic, which is clearer, lighter and more impact-resistant than annealed glass, will not yellow under normal exposures and will retain most of its original clarity over time. Customers can choose between clear, bronze, and gray.

Vents glazed with acrylic are designed to be easily removed by homeowners in the case of a major storm (as required by the Florida Building Code). They simply lift out of the bottom track and then are lowered free of the head jamb.

Two-track frames, in either inside or outside mount designs, are available with integral channels for removable screens. Screen channels for three- and four-track frames are fastened mechanically.


Double Hung Acrylic Windbreaks


Enjoy your lanai without the wind. Solid aluminum construction coupled with the sophistication of acrylic provide you with the privacy and protection you want without the cost of extensive remodeling.

With Window Craftsmen's unique state-of-the-art engineering, you can still enjoy the cool breezes without worrying about rain, wind and sand damaging your patio furnishings or ruining a quiet dinner on the lanai.


  1. Both vents are operable. Both are removable.
  2. Frames are available in outside and inside mount designs, both with integral channels for removable screens.
  3. Bottom vent seats against a rubber seal for extra protection against water infiltration.
  4. Sloped sill eliminates the need for weep holes.
  5. Vents side load and are tensioned with Delrin leaf springs. Vents lock into place by means of a lever-operated latch that engages in a serrated jamb rack.
  6. Acrylic glazing is available in both clear and a variety of tint colors.
  7. Vents are weatherstripped around entire perimeter, both sides.
  8. All fasteners and fittings are stainless steel, nylon, or Delrin. No rust.
  9. White or bronze extrusions.
  10. Limited lifetime warranty