NYLO-TEC Fasteners

Self Drilling Screws with Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head

  • Glass Reinforced Nylon Bi-Hexagonal Head never rusts

  • Provides an instantly finished look that lasts

  • Does not chip, no touch up needed

  • UV stabilized color resists fading

  • Exceptional Quality

  • Unique batch ensures quality control

  • Provides long-term strength and durability

  • Head will not twist off during installation

  • Stands up to rigorous construction use

  • Nylon Bi-Hexagonal head eliminates the need for a plastic cover cap for better appearance

  • Developed for Harsh Environments

  • Available in over 60 colors

  • Custom colors available by special order

NYLO-TEC Self Drilling Screws take a super strong NYLO-TEC fastener and add a strong glass reinforced nylon head.   The anticorrosive color matched head provides an attractive finished appearance and resist corrosion. NYLO-TEC extends the life of the structure in all environments, especially in coastal regions.

NYLO-TEC, together with BLUE-TAP and the PRO-TECT Fastener Protection System form a complete solution for screen enclosures, Florida rooms, patio rooms and pool enclosures in the demanding South Florida environment.